Matters for Comment

LSC seeks public comments on a variety of proposals affecting LSC grants and operations.  

For items with closed comment periods, please see the Closed Comment Period page. 

The Rulemaking section of Laws, Regulations & Guidance contains information about open and closed LSC rulemakings (changes to the LSC Regulations).

LSC will post comments at Personally identifiable information may be redacted upon request, and LSC may redact third-party personal information. Comments are also subject to FOIA disclosure without redaction.

Request for Comment on Draft Strategic Plan 2017-2020

The LSC Board of Directors is in the process of revising the 2012-2016 LSC Strategic Plan and is seeking comments on the draft 2017-2020 LSC Strategic Plan. The LSC Board previously sought comments on its Plan, including comments on whether the existing goals are appropriate and attainable and whether new goals should be added or substituted. After receiving comments and recommendations from stakeholders, LSC now solicits comments on the proposed revisions to the Plan for 2017-2020.